Peridot, The Gem of the Sun

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Peridot, The Gem of the Sun

Peridot. That’s a silent T

Peridot is the birthstone for August. Bringing some bright and colourful green to the end of winter, quite fitting consider its spring next month!

It has been used as a gem for centuries and is part of the Olivine family, named so due to its a greenish to yellowish colours like an olive. If you believe in different crystal properties then Peridot is used to ward off evil spirits and “back in the day” was pierced, strung on the hair of a donkey and worn on the left arm! Now, where to find a donkey?

It can come in many shades of green. From straight green to a greenish yellow to yellowish green and even sometime with hints of brown in it. Below is an example of an excellent green peridot from Burma (Myanmar).

Peridot is the Green Birthstone for August. Learn more at Brett's Jewellers.

With a hardness of 6-7 it is for the most part, considered soft and easily abraded. Meaning it should be worn with care in rings and bracelets while being more suited to pendants or earrings.

Believe it or not Peridot is a gem that can be found closest to Geelong! Out in the western district area due to old lava plains unfortunately you won’t find anything that compares to the gem above.

Now for some more usable information. Below are a few points to consider when looking at buying a piece of Peridot jewellery.


Bright green colours that are clean and do not have undertones of the secondary colours like yellows and browns are superior to those that do. Keep in mind most Peridot will have the slightest of these undertone colours due to its chemical makeup.


Look for peridots free of inclusions especially when they are located centrally in the gem and eye visible. Small inclusions off to the side are acceptable however be careful they are not surface reaching or close to the girdle.


Size refers to how much the gem weighs in carats. Gems from 2 carats and above are less common and more expensive while sizes under 10x8mm are more freely available.

Peridot uncut, ready for Brett's Jewellers to turn into the Green Birthstone for August. Peridot rough mined from Tanzania

So, who’s born in august and likes green? This is the gem for you! or if your birthday was last month check out our July birthstone post on Ruby

When you’re looking for some green in your life check out your local jeweller and they should have some in stock to show you!

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