Our Workshop is our essence

Our workshop at Brett’s Jewellers is our essence

Our Workshop is our essence

Our workshop is our essence and it ensures quality control throughout the hand making process. We are jewellers first, salespeople second and therefore the onsite workshop is an integral part of our business. Having the workshop upstairs allows us many luxury’s such as quality control, fast revisions if needed and quick repairs.

Our workshop at Brett’s Jewellers is our essence

From rolling out the metal to setting diamonds or the final polish on the piece each step has Brett’s keen and experienced eye upholding the highest levels of craftsmanship on every piece of jewellery.

Our jewellers in the workshop have a high level of skill that is comprised of 4 jewellers, including family members George and Brett himself. All have their own style and area of expertise but no matter the jeweller they all love hand making high quality jewellery that integrates design and style with longevity that lasts generations. As Brett has coined it, “generational jewellery”.

Check out the video of our workshop and our jewellers below:

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Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for more videos coming soon

Brett - Owner and Master Jeweller at Bretts Jewellers

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