Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Jewellery

Is all your work done on-site?

Yes, all our work including our repairs and Valuations are done in our upstairs workshop where we have 3 qualified jewellers.

Our jewellery take the upmost respect and care when working on your valuable pieces ensuring piece of mind while they are here.

How long does it take to have a piece valued/repaired/made?

We generally keep to a 2-4 week turnaround time on our works however if you need a piece done urgently we can accommodate a quicker turnaround time.

Do you ever have sales?

No, we rarely have any sales as our jewellery is not marked up to be reduced down again. We offer fair and honest prices for exceptional quality jewellery to last generations.

Do you sell / work on Watches?

No we don’t sell and generally do not do any work on Watches however if you have an antique watch or a watch that is made of precious metals – 18ct gold or platinum then feel free to bring it in for us to inspect and quote on.

Are you gems sourced ethically?

Yes, all of our gems both Diamonds and coloured gems are sourced through ethical suppliers to assure piece of mind and quality when making your purchase. We also offer a select range of diamonds where – through block chain technology – we can provide provenance from mine to market following the diamond along its journey from being unearthed and sorted to who has put the final polish on the finished gem. Get in contact to learn more about these types of diamonds

What is the difference between Handmade and Handcrafted jewellery?

Handmade jewellery is made from scratch, starting with a bar of metal. It is rolled, hammered, forged and shaped to form your design. It is labour intensive and takes many years of experience to successfully hand make jewellery but we believe it is the better product being harder and more durable than its handcrafted counterpart.

Handcrafted or Custom jewellery is generally made using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and once it is drawn up it is printed into a resign and then cast, finally the casting gets cleaned up by a technician or labourer. Quality CAD/Cast jewellery does exist – we produce some ourselves for a lower price than handmade – however the majority of cast jewellery is light in weight and does not stand the test of time.

What is the difference between natural and Lab grown diamonds?

There are a few differences between Synthetic or  lab grown (LB) diamonds and Natural Diamonds. Chemically they are very similar and a skilled gemologist will be able to tell the difference however the real difference is that one has taken billions of years to be made by mother nature while the other is made in a big microwave in a matter of weeks. Ones price will continue to increase over time as the natural supply reduces while the Lab Grown diamond will most likely decrease in value over time. Check out our blog about the differences between the two to learn more

Brett - Owner and Master Jeweller at Bretts Jewellers

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