Black Diamonds in Jewellery

Black Diamonds in Jewellery and Engagement Rings by Brett's Jewellers

Black Diamonds in Jewellery

Black diamonds in jewellery, especially engagement rings are striking, bold, and completely unusual. They do not sparkle but they are still real diamonds. Black diamonds have an inky dark colour that is essentially opaque, making the 4Cs of diamond grading less applicable. Their colour is generally caused by a safe form of enhancement like irradiation and heat.

In the language of gems, wearing a black diamond ring means you are not like anyone else. This is a bold choice. Wearing one means that you are not afraid to trail blaze or forge your own way through life. Black engagement rings are identified with authority, strength, power, certainty and intense passion and can be an exotic symbol of a couple’s love and the strength of their commitment.

A black diamond offers a sophisticated and intriguing alternative to the traditional white diamond and gemstone engagement rings. These rings are ideal for a confident lady, or someone who loves to have a bold, edgy and unique appearance. The aura of mystery and charm combined with the rich boldness of these stunning gems makes it ideal for a sultry and sophisticated person.

Black diamond engagement rings look wonderful when set in claws, pave or bezel setting. These rings are most often crafted in white gold or platinum, although still look amazing in yellow or rose gold. Black diamonds also look lovely when surrounded by other diamonds in the setting, including white or coloured diamonds. The wonderful contrast between the black diamond and the little, bright white diamonds creates a unique element of charm and sexy sparkle.

Since black diamonds generally weigh a bit more than colourless diamonds, a one-carat black diamond will be smaller than a one-carat colourless diamond bit it will also cost less. When the stone is natural or colour-enhanced it will influence the price of a black diamond.

Black diamond is a durable gemstone and is perfect for daily wear.

A Colour enhanced stone is cheaper than a natural black coloured diamond, and in the market you will mostly find colour-enhanced black diamonds with uniform black colour

This is an affordable option for an eye-popping engagement ring that will be sure to make her jaw drop.

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Brett - Owner and Master Jeweller at Bretts Jewellers

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