4 Benefits Of Custom Made Jewellery

Benefits of designing Custom made Jewellery at Brett's Jewellers

4 Benefits Of Custom Made Jewellery

The custom jewellery trend has exploded. Custom made jewellery is a fantastic and meaningful gift for men and women. It makes the gifter feel very involved and hands-on in the process.

Benefits of designing Custom made Jewellery at Brett's Jewellers

Here are 4 benefits of custom made jewellery and why you should consider getting a custom piece made for your loved one.

  1. Custom made jewellery becomes an heirloom

Well-crafted artisan custom made jewellery is usually a treasured heirloom piece that is passed down through the generations. If you’re having a piece made with gemstones be sure it is set well and is protected ensuring it will last through the ages.

  1. Custom made jewellery is designed from scratch, and the design is used only once.

For a fussy jewellery wearer, knowing that their jewellery is literally one of a kind will endear you to their heart. The from scratch process also ensures that you have the space to customise as you prefer, should you so desire.

When you’re working with a jeweller to produce custom jewellery for someone else, vision is the first critical element. There are several things to think about to ensure you receive the item you want.

Think about the type of jewellery (ring, necklace, earrings, etc.) and the general shape (for example, button or drop earrings, or a round or rectangular pendant). Think about what the recipient already wears and try to follow in the same style.

Consider the type of metal the wearer prefers: platinum, gold, sterling silver, titanium. Metal style is something that is very polarising. Those who prefer one type, prefer it strongly. So be sure to take note about what the recipient prefers before heading to the jeweller.

Specify your style and identify the gemstones you want to incorporate in your jewellery. Your designer needs to know what you are looking for so that your vision comes to life.

  1.  If you received an out of fashion heirloom piece. It is possible to reuse the metal and gemstones for a new custom piece of jewellery. It might have diamonds or gemstones that you may want to rework into another piece that represents you.
  1. Custom made jewellery is the best option if you know the exact engagement ring you want for your future wife, but are unable to find it.  Sometimes the ideal engagement ring feels like a mirage. But, by working closely with a jewellery designer, multiple designs can be incorporated together. This process of collaboration can create the piece of your dreams.



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