Your Family Jewellers

We are a family of Jewellers. Our timeless Jewellery is a gift from our family to yours.

Handcrafted with Love

Our highly skilled Jewellers meticulously craft unique pieces to suit the individual.

Quality Heirlooms

We create and rejuvenate family heirlooms so your story can be told for generations.

Geelong Jewellery Brett Wood Master Jeweller
“My name is Brett Wood and I like to think of myself as your family Jeweller. Family because we act as one and have made many pieces of Jewellery for families over the years.
We make our Jewellery to a very high standard, using only the finest metals and gems ensuring our pieces can be handed down from one generation to another. I’ve been making Jewellery professionally since 1972, and I’m still learning and loving it”

Ole Lynggaard Stockist

By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court

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